Wicked Tasty: Jalapeño Cheddar Burgers

Jalapeno and Cheddar Stuffed Burgers_Recipes_1007x545This is not a joke. These burgers are real and they are DELICIOUS. Also, they aren’t even that unhealthy, especially if you replace the bun with lettuce wraps. They are one of my favorite kind of burgers to make during the week for a quick and easy dinner. There are very few ingredients and the prep time is fast and simple. You can use ground beef, turkey or chicken with this recipe (I usually use ground chicken because it’s the healthier option).


  • 1 jalapeño finely chopped
  • 4 oz cream cheese
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 lb ground meat (beef, chicken or turkey)
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • 1 tbsp. olive oil
  • 2 garlic cloves finely chopped
  • 1/2 tbsp. cumin
  • Buns (or large lettuce leaves as a healthy alternative)
  • Any toppings you’d like to add. I recommend bacon, cheddar cheese, onion & lettuce


  1. Preheat stove top or grill to medium heat.
  2. Combine jalapeño, cream cheese & cheddar cheese in small bowl.
  3. Mix ground meat, salt, pepper, garlic & cumin in large bowl.
  4. Form desired amount of burgers and form into pancake shapes. Take a scoop of the cream cheese mixture and place in the center of each burger. Wrap the meat around the cream cheese mixture and make sure the mixture is completely covered before cooking.
  5. Brush burgers or skillet with olive oil and cook for 6-8 minutes on each side until done.
  6. Add toppings as desired and enjoy!



The Newest Suicide Squad Trailer Brings More of the Crazy, Fun & Batman

The newest and third official trailer for Suicide Squad, the DC Comics anti-hero movie set to come out this summer, was revealed at the MTV Movie Awards last night. This trailer, unlike the earlier two, is a little more fun and a little less dark. We get a few more funny quips from Harley Quinn, a terrifying and prolonged laugh from the Joker, a lot more of Will Smith as Deadshot and a brief cameo from Batman!

Suicide Squad comes out August 5th.

21 Shows to Binge-Watch Right Now

In the era of streaming content, many of us (myself included) spend our downtime watching television shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. If you are an avid television watcher, then you are most definitely familiar with the term “binge-watching”. Binge-watching is when you turn on an episode of a television show, and find yourself three days later still watching that show while trying to remember the last time you slept, ate or spoke to another human being. It is an addiction. And it is W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L. Here is a list of some of the most binge-worthy television shows available on streaming services right now:

1. Friday Night Lights
friday night lightsClear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. This show is about a high school football team from a small town in Texas looking to win the state championship under the leadership of new head coach, Eric Taylor. Nothing in television beats Coach Taylor’s words of wisdom about life and no one is more of a lovable underdog than backup quarterback Matt Saracen. TEXAS FOREVER!

2. Prison Break
What would you do if someone you loved was wrongfully convicted of murder and sent to prison for life? This drama is about a man who breaks into prison to help his wrongfully convicted brother escape. Sounds easy right? Also, it was recently revealed that Prison Break will be returning to FOX this fall with a limited revival season of 9 episodes, so you have that to look forward to!

3. The Vampire Diaries
Although the vampire craze has started to fade, this is a great show to watch if you love anything in the realm of vampires, werewolves and magic. There is a lot of mythology and history that is intricately woven together to tell a complex and fascinating story with no loose ends. There is also a lot of shocks, twists and turns along the way. And no vampire story would be complete without the dreaded cliché love triangle – in this case between the main protagonist Elena and two vampire brothers Stephan and Damon.

4. Orphan Black
Orphan Black is unlike any other show that is on TV right now. If you like sci-fi then this is a MUST see. Nothing is creepier than cloning and this show is proof. Also, Tatiana Maslany’s acting is incredible. She plays multiple characters with completely different personalities and you immediately forget they are being portrayed by the same person.

5. House of Cards
If you haven’t heard of House of Cards then you live under a very large rock because everyone and their mom have seen and are obsessed with this show. It is a terrifying political thriller starring Kevin Spacey as a power hungry politician trying to forge his way into the White House and he doesn’t let anything or anyone get in his way. I am not lying to you when I say I watched all four available seasons of this in 9 days. It is THAT good.

6. The Walking Dead
This is one of my favorite shows. I rarely watch episodes of television as they actually air (I usually stream them later on) but with this show I make an exception. ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE. Enough said.

7. The Mindy Project
the mindy
In most cases, comedy shows don’t usually fall into the binge-worthy category because they don’t have intricate multi-episode arcs like dramas that keep you wanting more but The Mindy Project is so fun and relatable that you won’t be able to stop watching. Mindy Kaling plays a single doctor living in NYC. The pilot episode begins with her getting wasted and giving a super embarrassing speech at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding, stealing a bicycle and crashing it into a random person’s pool, need I say more?

8. Game of Thrones
This has to be the most talked about and spoiler-y television show of all time. Even if you have never watched the series before, you most likely know all of the most significant plotlines and character deaths from people losing their minds on your Facebook newsfeed every week. The one thing that truly sets this show apart from others is that it will kill anybody off in the blink of an eye, and I mean ANYBODY. It does not matter if you are literally the main character of the show and your face is on all of the show’s merchandise. NO ONE is safe. If you love fantasy and watching multiple characters fight to the death (literally) to rule the world then you’ll like this show.

9. Bloodline
In my opinion, this is one of the best Netflix original series out right now but it doesn’t really get the attention it deserves. The show focuses on the Rayburn family which owns and runs a beachside hotel in Florida. When the oldest brother, also the black sheep of the family, returns home trouble arises. If you think your family is dysfunctional, just watch one episode of this and you will feel much better, I promise you.

10. You’re the Worst
This show takes a modern and hilarious approach to portraying relationships in this day and age. The two main characters are in/not in one of the most ridiculous but relatable relationships you’ll see on television. If you don’t laugh at every episode and relate to it on some level then YOU’RE THE WORST.

11. Breaking Bad
A chemistry teacher is having financial trouble and decides to make and distribute meth with the help of a former student. This show is F-ed up in the best way possible. You will route for the unstable yet lovable Jesse Pinkman until the last scene and if you don’t then there’s something wrong with you.

12. American Horror Story
AHS is the best scripted horror series on television. Each season is a completely different story with brand new characters, however the same actors return every season to reprise different roles. After a couple of seasons it was also revealed that even though each season takes place in a different time and place they are all connected in some way. In order the seasons are Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freakshow and Hotel. Personally, my favorite is the first season Murder House. I was genuinely freaked out and surprised by the events that unfolded during that season. Asylum by far is the most disturbing if you’re looking to really be horrified.

13. Sons of Anarchy
A crime drama following the lives of a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club operating out of California. The main character, Jax Teller, begins questioning his own morals as well as the club’s as their criminal escapades escalate. This is a show where all of the main characters are pretty much horrible people but you cheer for them anyway. Although, as the series comes to a close its hard to justify any of their actions or cheer for them to succeed.

14. The Following
This was one of my favorite shows but unfortunately it was cancelled last year after it’s fourth season. Kevin Bacon plays an alcoholic FBI agent in the pursuit of a serial killer that has a cult following killing on his behalf. This show is truly creepy and incredibly disturbing but if you can stomach it, it is definitely worth the watch.

15. The Tudors
If you are a history nerd like me or like period dramas then this is a great show to watch. It chronicles the life of King Henry VIII, as well as all of his wives and the kingdom and country as a whole during that time period. Jonathan Rhys Meyers gives a powerful and at times terrifying portrayal of the famous man possibly known best by most for beheading his wives.

16. Shameless
This show depicts the lives of the Gallagher family living in Southside Chicago. The father Frank is an absolute nightmare of a human being and the show is pretty much about his kids learning how to take care of themselves in his absence. The things that happen on this show are absolutely ridiculous. This series make the most F-ed up situations and circumstances hilarious. It is probably the only show on television that can make you laugh at murder or taking advantage of people with cancer. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

17. Scandal
A political drama that follows Olivia Pope, a woman known for being the best “fixer” in Washington DC. She helps big time clients cover up scandals and hide secrets no matter the cost. She is also incredibly close to the White House and the President. And I mean incredibly close. Cough, cough.

18. The 100
This show has been kind of a sleeper hit for the CW. It takes place years into the future when earth has been destroyed by a catastrophic nuclear war. Before the earth was destroyed, a fraction of the population was sent into space to live on a group of space stations. Decades later, as the space stations begin to run out of oxygen, 100 teenagers are sent back down to earth to see if the planet is no longer radioactive and can be reinhabited by humans. Little do they know, not everyone on the planet died and there are immediate threats once they land. This show isn’t afraid to kill off their main characters either.

19. Entourage
This is a great show about a group of friends trying to make it big in LA. It was created by Mark Wahlberg and is supposed to be a loose representation of his life when he moved to LA with his friends at the beginning of his career. Jeremy Piven is narotic, mean and hilarious as agent Ari Gold.

20. Lost
One of the most popular shows in recent history, LOST is about a group of strangers that end up marooned on a mysterious island after their plane crashes. The show straddles the line of reality and fiction which makes it all the more fascinating and at times confusing. There wasn’t a single person in America not waiting with baited breath to see who was in that god damn hatch. You’ll see what I’m talking about. Also, every character ends up being connected in bizarre ways, which is one of the most interesting plot devices used on the show.

21. Vikings
I feel like a lot of people don’t know this but the History channel has really great scripted television series and this is probably the best one. It is inspired by the life of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the best known legendary Viking heroes. He is famous for his sagas and invasions of England and France.

Wicked Awesome: Fruit Infused Water Bottles

Fruit infused water bottles are the absolute BEST. My mom got me one for Christmas this year and I’m obsessed. It is a known fact that drinking a lot of water is one of the most important things when trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Fruit infused water bottles make this task much easier, especially if you are like me and think water is pretty bland after a few glasses. In addition, infused water has zero calories and helps keep you full so you aren’t hungry every five minutes!water bottle

Fruit infused water bottles are super easy to use and whatever fruit, vegetable or herbs you decide to put in the infuser will start flavoring the water almost immediately. I like to keep things simple, so my go to “infusers” are lemon, lime, strawberries and cucumbers (cucumber is my absolute FAVORITE). Just chop them up and put them in the infuser cap and you’re good to go. I’ve found that the fruit will usually continue to flavor water for an entire day. I recently had a job where I was at a desk eight hours a day and I was constantly refilling my water bottle. I would just keep the same fruit in the infuser for the duration of the day and it still worked until I went home at night and refilled it with fresh stuff.

Fruit infused water bottles cost anywhere between $5-$40 and are well worth the investment. You can purchase almost any brand or type at Amazon.com.

Also, if you aren’t lame like me and enjoy more complex flavors I’ve found that this website has a ton of great infused water recipes. Enjoy.ω


Walking Dead Season 6 Finale: Who did Negan Kill? My Top 5 Predictions.

Courtesy of AMC

Spoilers to follow. 

A collective “What?!” and “You can’t do this to us!” were heard around the country Sunday night as the season six finale of The Walking Dead came to a dramatic, stomach-turning and frustrating close for longtime fans of the zombie apocalypse thriller. It has been teased all season long that the biggest villain from the comics, Negan, would be making his grand entrance at the end of this season. The buildup to the introduction of the character was almost overkill, but seeing actor Jeffery Dean Morgan’s (of Grey’s Anatomy and Watchmen fame) portrayal of the villain was well worth the wait. The moment he stepped out of that trailer in his leather jacket, while holding his skull crushing sidekick, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire that goes by the name Lucille, every viewer was immediately overcome with extreme panic and a tad bit of excitement.

If it wasn’t already confirmed by The Walking Dead cast and crew that a main character was going to bite the bullet, or in this case the bat, it would have been hard to decide whether you hated or liked Negan upon his first appearance. Although terrorizing, he has a sense of charm and humor that as a fan of the comics and show you can’t deny. But knowing that he is about to kill one of your favorite characters gives him no chance at redemption. We will love to hate him, and hate to love him. He is going to be THAT kind of bad guy and I for one am excited.

The first person point of view used at the end of the episode made it clear that one of our beloved zombie-killing characters bit the dust, but the cliffhanger has left us waiting until October to find out who. Here are my top five predictions of who lost the first battle with Lucille.

1. Glenn

Courtesy of AMC

Fans of the comics know that Glenn is the one killed by Negan, which makes him an obvious choice for who was killed in the season finale. His death has been teased all season long. First, there was the midseason finale when Nicholas’ dead body sent Glenn falling into a sea of zombies with no realistic way to survive. As we know, he somehow crawled under a nearby dumpster completely unscathed and waited until the walkers moved elsewhere. There was also the episode where the walkers took over Alexandria and Glenn was AGAIN almost zombie bait while trying to rescue Maggie, but was saved last minute by some luckily timed bullets from Abraham, Sasha and Daryl.

Whether those scenes were a foreshadowing of something to come, or a red herring to draw us off the trail of who actually died is yet to be seen. If the television series decided to take a different route than the comics and have Negan kill someone other than Glenn, those scenes could be a nod to the comic book death or the producers could merely be trying to screw with us. Glenn is a fan favorite, only surpassed in popularity by Daryl, so his death would be devastating to fans, as well as the group of core characters on the show, living up to all of the hype surrounding the finale and Negan’s introduction. But keep in mind, the television show is known for switching character deaths from the comics so there is still hope for everyone’s favorite pizza boy.

2. Abraham

Courtesy of AMC

There are a bunch of red flags that this could be Abraham’s time to go. The first is that Abraham has gotten a lot of screen time this season and had a bunch of in-your-face emotional scenes in the finale. If there is anything we know about The Walking Dead, it is that characters that suddenly get a ton of focus are usually on the chopping block. They like to get you attached to more minor characters so when they kill them off it will have a larger impact. In addition, Abraham had reached a pretty happy place before running into Negan. At the beginning of the episode, he discussed his future with Sasha and the possibility of a family, as well as squashed his beef with frenemy Eugene. Another thing we know about The Walking Dead is that true happiness is usually rewarded with at the very best, dark times to come and at the very worst, death for that character.

It should also be mentioned that in the comics, Abraham is dead by this point in the story. He was killed by an arrow to the eye from Dwight’s group – a death switched to Denise for the television series. This could mean something, or it could mean nothing at all. It wouldn’t be the first time the television show switched a comic book death to a different character and kept another alive on the show.

One last thing to note – is it just me or did Negan saying “Taking it like a champ!” at the end of the episode make you think of Abraham?

3. Daryl

Courtesy of AMC

“NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT!” That pretty much echoes the thoughts of every single fan of The Walking Dead. Daryl is by far the most popular character on the television series and in the eyes of fans is unkillable. If the show really wanted to make waves, killing the most beloved character of the entire series would be the way to do it and would undeniably be one of the most memorable television deaths of all time.

Speculation of Daryl’s death began earlier this season when it was announced that the actor who plays him, Norman Reedus, would start filming his own biker reality series for AMC. Fans questioned whether this meant his days on The Walking Dead were numbered. Also, it hasn’t been hard to notice that Daryl’s storyline on The Walking Dead hit its peak during the whole spend-every-day-trying-to-save-Beth-for-an-entire-season-just-to-watch-her-die-saga. He hasn’t really had much going on since then in terms of character development or plotline. Another thing working against him is that his character doesn’t exist in the comic books which are the source material for the television series. That means his character could be killed off at any time without effecting future storylines.

Daryl has one thing going for him though. Every show, no matter how shocking they try to be, has a character or group of characters that are unkillable. Even Game of Thrones, undeniably the most shocking in terms of character deaths, has a group of characters they could never kill (Tyrion, Daenerys, Jon Snow – HE LIVES I KNOW IT!). For The Walking Dead, Daryl falls into this category, along with Rick and Carl – at least until the last season. #prayfordaryl

Honorable Mention:

4. Michonne

Courtesy of AMC

This one is a little bit out there BUT she is romantically involved with Rick now which we know to be the ultimate death curse on this show. Also, many fan theories believe that the first person point of view used at the end of the episode is a hint that it is the same first person point of view from the inside of the dark van earlier in the episode. The only people that were in the van? Daryl, Glenn, Rosita and Michonne.

5. Eugene

Courtesy of AMC

Killing off Eugene would be a little bit of a cop-out. He’s been on the series for a few seasons now and has been a main member of Rick’s group, however his death would be one of the least impactful choices. The scene between him and Abraham in the finale that I mentioned as a red flag for Abraham, could also be considered a red flag for Eugene. Not to mention, the only thing of value his character is contributing to the group’s survival is the manufacturing of bullets, which he explained how to do in written instructions he gave to Rick before going on his solo joy ride in the camper. In the comics he develops a relationship with Rosita (I know I couldn’t believe it either) which would be an interesting plot to see play out on the series if he were to stick around.

Who do you think was killed by Negan in the season finale? Will they follow the comics or change course for the television series?